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Zanzibar – Travelling Around the Island

Zanzibar is an archipelago that consists of numerous small islands and two large ones: Pemba and Unguja, the latter informally referred to as Zanzibar. It is located in the Indian Ocean, about 35 km from the Tanzanian mainland coast, and 6° south of the equator. Zanzibar Island is over 100 km long and around 30 km wide, with a total area of approximately 2500 square kilometers. It is famous for its sandy beaches with fringing coral reefs and historic Stone Town said to be the only functioning ancient town in East Africa. There are no large wild animals in Zanzibar and forest areas such as Jozani are inhabited by monkeys, bush-pigs and small antelopes. There is also a wide variety of birds and a large number of butterflies. The golden beaches of Zanzibar are a real paradise, scattered with picturesque fishing villages, where people live a simple way of life, unchanged over the years. During my stay there I have travelled all over the island enjoying beauty of this amazing tropical paradise, meeting local people and learning about their culture.

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People of Stone Town

Zanzibar’s local people are an incredible mixture of ethnic backgrounds, indicative of Islands long and colorful history. Over centuries different cultures have influenced Zanzibar to become what it is today. Sumerians, Assyrians, Egyptians, Phonecians, Indians, Chinese, Persians, Portuguse, Omani Arabs, Dutch and British have settled here at one time or another. Zanzibaris speak Swahili locally known as Kiswahili, a language which is spoken extensively in East Africa. Some say that the purest form of this language is spoken in Zanzibar, as it is the birthplace of the language. Islam is the dominant religion, and practiced by most Zanzibaris, although there are also followers of Christianity and Hinduism. Population is estimated at nearly one million people and one fifth of them live in Zanzibar City itself. Some of them I met while wandering through the narrow streets of Stone Town.

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The Maze of Stone Town

Stone Town is the cultural heart of Zanzibar little changed in the last 200 years. Most of the houses that can be seen there today were built in the 19th century when Island was one of the most important trading centres in the Indian Ocean region. The old city is filled with winding alleys, mosques, bazaars and Arab houses whose original owners competed with each other over the extravagance of their dwellings. I was especially fascinated by antique wooden doors carved from hardwood often decorated with studs and bosses of iron or brass. As far as I know there are over 500 different examples of this magnificent hand work. I would like to invite you to wander with me through the amazing labyrinth of narrow streets and alleyways of Stone Town.

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Michenzani Housing Project

Michenzani is a large neighbourhood of Ng’ambo, the more modern part of Zanzibar City. The place is mostly known for a complex of apartment blocks constructed from large, prefabricated concrete slabs called “Plattenbauten” that have been built here in the late 1960s and early 1970s with the aid of East Germany. The Michenzani apartment blocks used to be the pride of revolutionary government of Zanzibar however since virtually no maintenance has been made after the 1970s, the buildings are now in a state of decay. Lack of water pressure makes water services unavailable from the second floors up. As a result many residents have installed their own water pumps, which are not in keeping with the original style of the buildings. What is more despite being the tallest public buildings in Zanzibar, no lifts were installed and all the flats are only accessible by stairs. The effects of socialist urban planning in Zanzibar you can see in the pictures above.

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